1. All item which are completely checked out are considered as sold.

2. Our shop only allows 2 business days to settle the payment.

3. Payment that are not settle beyond the said period will automatically cancel the transaction. 

4. If you need extension for payment, you must inform us. 

5. All payment slip must be email to us at ( No Payment Slip, No Shipment) 

6. Shipping of items will be 1 to 2 business days and after we receive the deposit slip. 

7. We no longer accept RUSH shipping. 

IMPORTANT REMINDER: In order for your payment to get verified:
Please send an email
 to with the following information
-Full Name
-Order Number
-Total Amount Paid
-Payment Method
-Copy of Payment slip if paid thru bank deposit.


  • For items with wholesale price, you can avail the disocunted price by purchasing the minimum amount quantity noted on the product description.
  • Please note that it is per item purchase and not total item purchase.
  • Once you reach the minimum per item, discounted price will automatically apply.


  • We strictly do not accept returns or exchange.

  • We check each and every item before shipping.

  • On the rare occasion that there is damage, kindly do let us know immediately.

  • We only acknowledge damages 2 days after order is received.

  • We are not liable for damages while thru shipping/transit.